Waterproofing and Basement Entrances

Basements will leak for a number of reasons, regardless of the age.  The constant expansion and contractions in the earth during the cold Canadian winters can lead to foundation walls eroding and/or cracking over time. The best and most permanent way to deal with a leaky basement is to do an external waterproofing job.  This procedure can be applied to an old cinder block foundation or modern formed concrete foundation.  This allows for the waterproofing work to be done from the exterior of the home not damaging anything finished inside the basement.

  • Locate the problem area and to find out what has caused the leak to begin with
  • Excavate down to the footing exposing the weeping tile or clay pipe used for drainage
  • Clean the foundation walls and patch any existing holes, cracks/ holes in the block, mortar, or poured walls
  • Make sure the weeping tile is properly sloped, draining into the internal sump pump pit, and insure the pump is in proper working order
  • Apply a rubberized roll on barrier to the foundation, this waterproofs the foundation walls, and stops future cracks or holes from forming
  • Apply a backer board or membrane on top of the waterproofing to double guard against future leaks and backfill damage
  • Backfill with ¾ clear gravel 12” around the weeping tile for water drainage. Installation of fabric to keep the soil/dirt out of the drain pipes, along with backfilling the hole and proper soil compaction
  • Re-routing of all the down spouts away from the foundation. We also grade the soil away from the house to avoid water pooling up and future leaks

We are fully insured and offer a 25 year unconditional warranty on any waterproofing services performed on your foundation. Knowledgeable staff and proper equipment for any size job we undertake. Waterproofing included on any exterior window, door or basement entrance we install.  Contact us for a free quotation to keep your biggest investment high and dry.