Interlock Stone & Flagstone

Stone work is one of the best ways to make your property stand out among the crowd. If you use a natural flagstone, granite, or interlock concrete pavers you will stand out over the typical gravel and asphalt driveways your neighbours have. Interlocking stone comes in many different styles, shapes, patterns, and colours. Used for driveways, walkways, pool surrounds and much more. Creates a seamless look and once the joints are filled with polymeric sand this product can repel water just as good as a concrete pad or asphalt. A more natural look would be to use flagstone, granite or other varieties. These are natural products that come in many different shapes, sizes, textures and thicknesses. This installation is slightly more complicated as it takes a skilled contractor to work with the stone to make the gaps tight, stone level and the colours blend together. At Baf Landscaping and Contracting, we have plenty of experience with a multitude of stone products to make the installation as flawless as possible. Contact us today for a quotation and have your next project stand out over the rest.